Grab it, Snap it!


Grab it, Snap it!

Mar 16 2012

Grab it, Snap it! #DrupalConMunich Swag

The Munich team are attending DrupalCon Denver in full force. We bring with us Über Drupal Swag too, suitcases of awesome “DrupalCoasters”.

Here’s the plan - Time to get creative!

We challenge you to grab a DrupalCoaster and contribute the most imaginative, funny, creative, wacky or far flung photographs you can. Keep it legal and clean but beyond that anything goes!

When can I get a DrupalCoaster?

We will be giving out DrupalCoasters at the Closing Plenary of DrupalCon Denver (Thursday 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm).

DrupalCoasters will be available at other Drupal events too!

How do I get involved? 


Tweet your photo with the hashtag #DrupalCoasters and @DrupalCon in the message. We will feature the best ones on our Flickr Stream.


Post your photo to our Official Flickr Group.

Help us spread the word that “@DrupalCon is coming to Europe in 2012”


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Even though DrupalCon Denver is just coming up, the preparation for DrupalCon Munich is well under way and many people have already made plans to spend the last week of August in the Bavarian capital. And people have started moving up to Denver.

DrupalCon Munich 2012 was a blast! The whole Drupalize.Me team (myself, Joe, and Kyle) went over to Germany and soaked up the Drupal goodness. We were at a executive suites of a 5 star hotel.

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