TMGMT and multilingual Drupal

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Meet the TMGMT team and discuss about the project, its usage and its future.

Whenever you feel involved in projects with language translation issues, you should join us.
Our audience is broad:

Developers who:
- need to cover multilingual workflows
- want to develop a plugin for TMGMT
- have contributed to TMGMT
Language Service Providers
- If you have integrated TMGMT already
- If you want to integrate TMGMT and expand into the Drupal world
- If you're working in the translation industry, let us know about your requirements!
- If you work as translator within drupal projects
Project Managers
- If you need to manage multilingual projects (and who doesn't here in Europe?)



Hi! I'm unable to come to DrupalCon Munich, but I'm sending some of my Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites books to the bookstore, for evolvingweb's multilingual training, and to give away at multilingual sessions. If you are interested in giving away a book during your BoF, please contact me at:

to make arrangements for picking one up. Thanks!

I'm leaving this as a comment as I'm unsure who set up this BoF... I see no contact info ;)