mothership Set sail for the 7 seas of Drupal!

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the The mothership theme is markup anal (lets say it as it is)
The project concept is build upon removing divs, changing markup & making the souce code look like something that a frontend dev would write in hand.

The idea about this bof is to get some likeminded html junkies, themers, frontenddevs etc to sit down n talk about the possibilities & how to use the mothership as a base for pushing the markup to a new & better level.

Ill try to layout my ideas for the future & hopefully shanghai a geek or 2
Cause lets face it Drupal will never ever make perfect markup, the issueque is simply to long & harsh ;)

* Why Drupal is wrong & why it will be that way forever.
* Who should use the mighty mothership & when
* Whats the battle plan
* What about D8 & that Twig thing
* How do we make the markup better in Drupal ?
* Total markup control - is that a goal?
* Design ? why it looks like nothing