Leveraging Drupal to initiate a change

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India is witnessing a growing sensitization in its citizens regarding the need for a change. More and more citizens are willing to challenge the status quo and take required actions to bring about the desired social change. They are restrained from contributing for the lack of proper medium or tools to direct their efforts or resources towards their social objectives.

We would talk about Sonali Mukherjee - an acid attack victim - and how a Drupal platform was able to help her out by garnering support for her - financial as well as moral. An online petition for her was able to garner > 4.5K signatures in just a matter of 3 weeks, a substantial financial amount in her bank in collaboration with wishberry.in and above all - a sensitized audience.

The petition was hosted on Halabol. (http://petitions.halabol.com/2012/07/15/justice-and-life-sonali-mukherje...)

The agenda of this BOF is :
* Drupal for a change
* Halabol Platform
* Open Discussion

In this session we would like to meet with like minded people who want to / have been working in this domain to discuss out the various possibilities/ synergies. If you make or want to make websites that have a social impact, that make people conscious/ perceptive, that help people connect to one another to bring the change they want to see...join us.

See you guys there!



hi suchi, i really liked your presentation! thx!