Large Scale Drupal

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In this BoF, Dries Buytaert and Michael Meyers will lead a discussion and answer questions about Acquia's Large Scale Drupal Member program. Representatives from current members of the program will be available to give a member's perspective of the program.

About Large Scale Drupal:

Acquia works with many large enterprises that bet on Drupal. These organizations are doing amazing things with Drupal and innovating by breaking through prior limitations. However, in talking to our customers, we noticed that there is limited knowledge sharing and discussion happening among the heaviest Drupal users. Similar problems are often solved multiple times independently, and in incompatible ways. And since few of these large companies are vocal and active in the community, the expertise gained from solving these problems isn't making its way back into the software that all Drupal users rely on.

To help solve these issues, Acquia recently launched a new program called "Large Scale Drupal". Large Scale Drupal is a group of large enterprise Drupal users who meet regularly to discuss and collaborate on common problems. We provide a forum for enterprise users, listen to their needs, prioritize them as a group, and then figure out a proper way to address those needs through knowledge sharing, white papers, training and software development.

More information about the program can be found here: