Drush & Aegir Contrib Showcase

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Drush and Aegir are built around and/or atop Drupal, and share its modular, extensible nature. Come discover some of the exciting things going on in the Aegir community, from automating backups and retention policies, through collaborative, distributed development environments, to automating dev-test-staging workflows.

Got a project you'd like to share? Come show it off!

Curious about how to extend Drush and Aegir? Bring your questions for those who've done it before!

Got nothing better to do Tuesday afternoon? Drop by to say 'hi!' ;-p



There seems to be a bug in the system. I scheduled a BOF at the same time at the same room:

We were happy to find that free(!) slot on Tuesday because we plan to work on some of the results of the BOF on Wednesday and Thursday.

Unfortunately I don't see who posted this Drush & Aegir BOF. So I post this this comment to kindly ask you if you can re-schedule this BOF?

Hi mkalkbrenner,

While I can appreciate your frustration, I can't reschedule this BoF. I have two sessions that I'm presenting earlier in the day, and we (the Aegir community) also plan on working on the results of this BoF throughout the conference. There is a BoF slot available Tuesday morning that might suit you.

Actually guys this is how it works, from the main BoFs page:

Rooms are sometimes shared, you may not have the room to yourself

So I think we just manage, hopefully the room is big!