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Each day key words like Social Business, Social Collaboration or Social Intranet are gaining more and more importance for enterprises. A few years ago those topics were only relevant for large enterprises. Today the time has come for SMEs to think about structuring their internal working environment by using a social intranet or providing an external community platform to their customers. Since those smaller enterprises don't want to spend their budget on commercial licences, they need to evaluate low-price alternatives.

Within this BoF-Session we would like to discuss the opportunities of Drupal on the Social Business market with you.
The session will beginn with a presentation, in which we will give a brief introduction to Social Business with a focus on Social Intranets.
Then we will present the top 5 prioritized requirements of a social intranet from our experience and will then discuss how Drupal manages to meet those requirements
on the example of Drupal Commons.

After stating the advantages of Drupal, in the second part of the session we would like to make an open discussion on which gaps need to be addressed by Drupal on their way towards a Social Business plattform and afterwards gather new ideas to make Drupal as mature as possible for the enterprise market.



>> discuss how Drupal manages to meet those requirements
>> on the example of Drupal Commons

Is Drupal Commons the focus of this discussion, or is building a social network the focus?
I am very interested in building a social extranet, however would prefer to build this based on Drupal 7 as the core.

i am very happy this bof took place but found the time was far too short. luckily there is suchis bof on wednesday.